It has been our privilege to serve businesses across a variety of industries in South Florida, The Caribbean, and Europe. The following services are how we help businesses succeed.

Featured Service:

Beyond GPT: AI, ML, and LLM Services for Enterprise-Level companies and startups.

• AI Advisement

• AI Strategy

• AI Talent and Recruitment Services

Featured Service:

   • Training & Education:

   • Training for AI Developers

   • AI Training for Entrepreneurs

   • AI Education for Executives, Managers, and AI Officers

   • Training for AI Liaisons

   • Prompt Engineering for Teams

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• Business Strategy and Advisement

• Caribbean & Latin American Market Expansion

• Financial Forecasting, Projections and valuation modelling

• South Florida Market Strategy

• Technology Transformation

• Go To Market (GTM) Strategy

• Go To Market (GTM) Execution

• Market Research

• Financial Forecasting and Modelling

• Feasibility Research

• E-Commerce Development

• Full-Service Web Marketing

• Digital Marketing Strategy

• Lead Generation

• UI/UX Services

• Funnel Creation

• PPC Management

• Email Marketing


• Active Website Management

• Social Media and Reputation Management


Miami Business Consulting provided the guidance and strategy needed to move our company through a time of drastic vertical expansion. Thanks to their strategies we weren't only able to expand, but to hedge against threats that eventually did end up transpiring.

Lora chin Descom

"How can we expand?"- I think everybody in business wants to know that. Well, the team at MBC helped us bring 4 successful new brands to the national market, and implemented new systems that literally save us thousands of hours every month. They've more than answered this question for us!

miguel morgan 2
Miguel MorgEn Garland Financial

Mychael and the MBC staff gave us the expertise we needed to enter the South Florida market. They helped us understand the intricacies that might have otherwise taken us years to grasp, and helped us design and implement strategies for our company to be successful.

Carl Tan GBH Global